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Yes.In Transformers Generation 1 There are four female tranformers.Arcee,A white and pink femme.Flareup an orange and yellow femme,Elita-1a pink femme,and finally Chromia a rather green femme..In Beast wars there are two:Black arachnia a black and gold femme who is then later changed to a grey and dark pink due to her transmetal form and Airrazor a gold and dark grey femme.Beast machines has only black arachnia.Then in Transformers Animated there are again two female transformers:Slipstream who is a purple and green female seeker and again black arachnia who is now black and purple.In Transformers prime there is only two so far:Arcee who is blue and arachnid who is purple and a bit yellow.Finally in the Live action film transformers:Revenge of the fallen there is yet again arcee who is purple,Elita-1 who is still pink,and chromia who is blue..

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