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I assume you mean the ancient Transformers set to be in Revenge of The Fallen. The main villain of the movie, The Fallen, is one of the thirteen original Transformers created with the Allspark by an unknown entity (Primus). All of the thirteen were Primes or Maximi. Only four of the thirteen have been named: Nexus Maximus, Vector Prime, Prima, and The Fallen, whose true name was taken from him by Primus for betraying him. Prima was the first Transformer and the first one to bear the Matrix of Leadership. The Fallen was the guardian of entropy, and he's pretty much "Flaming Robo-Judas". Vector Prime was the guardian of space and time. Nexus Maximus was the guardian of Rarified Energon (this is the stuff that makes Transformers' bodies and presumably their sparks). Nexus Maximus could split into five seperate Transformers: Skyfall, Landquake, Breakaway, Topspin, and Heatwave.

There are other possible members of the thirteen:

  • Liege Maximo, who was said to have been created either at the same time as or immediately after Prima was.
  • The Last Autobot, who had slumbered within the planet Cybertron since the planet's creation.
  • Maccadam, whose bar is believed to exist outside of the regular spacetime continuum and serves as a nexus point that links all realities. Then again, he does run a bar, and it could just be the patrons who came up with this theory while being completely hammered.
  • Alpha Trion, whose position as guardian of Vector Sigma all but confirms the fact that he is as old, if not older, than Nexus Maximus, Vector Prime, or The Fallen.
  • Boltax, who is a walking, talking database of all of Cybertron's history, implying he was there for all of it.
  • The Keeper of the Underbase, who is basically Boltax's bodyguard. Considering that he has been guarding the Underbase for as long as Boltax has been the Underbase, he would be one of the thirteen if Boltax is.
  • The Keeper, who was tasked with guarding Primus, who sleeps as the planet Cybertron, until the day comes when he must wake. Since Primus went to sleep shortly after creating the original thirteen, the Keeper is probably one of the thirteen as well.

I hope that helps.

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