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If you go by the novel, no Autobots were killed in the making of this movie, however many Decepticons are. If you go by technicallity Jetfire does die becuase he switched sides so like the previous movie only one Autobot dies


Demolisher dies in Transformers 2, the Movie. Optimus Prime jumps on his head and shoots him repeatedly until Demolisher is forced to pull over, and Optimus then blasts a hole though the Decepticons head. Sideways is killed by Sideswipe (or the other way around-the 'bot killed is a Decepticon). Devastator gets blown up by a railgun.

Optimus dies too.

Other Decepticons who die are sideways, alice, grindor, skipjack, the fallen (of course), scorponock, mixmaster, scrapmetal( ripped apart for new parts for megatron) all appliancebots and some other protoforms and constructicons, unknown which ones.

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