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He is a character from multiple Transformer continuities { vague ! } Let's start at the beginning : in 1984 the series was launched and included what is today called the ' original lineup ' - among these 18 characters was Wheeljack , whom served as the autobots primary scientist/inventor/engineer and also aided Ratchet in repairs and maintenance. He was a genius and a flake in this series and in my opinion was to the autobots and crew what scotty was to the starship enterprise, complete with colorful dialogue and quotes. The very first episode of the series EVER featured him in the opening sequence and I believe he is the first transformer to speak on television , making him both an icon and Hasbro's true ' baby ' . Of the old school of the transformer-verse he is a legend made famous for the creation of the dinobots and is a more than welcomed edition to the upcoming ' Dark of the Moon ' film . He also made an appearance in another continuity - known by mid-school fans as ' Unicron Trilogy ' , in this version he is .... I will let someone else finish this ! *** I read the novelization for ' DOTM ' and Wheeljack was listed in it , however , there is debate as to if he will go by that name in the film - he might be called ' Q ' .

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